Charles Edward Linton (1890-1958)

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Charles Edward LINTON (1890-1958) Project

Charles "Charlie" Edward Linton

(December 1, 1890 - April 6, 1958)


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Charles Edward Linton(1890-1958) & Annie Lucretia Cronk (1888-1956)

Married December 1, 1909

They had seven children: 

John Edward Charles Linton (1910-1911); Florence Avis LINTON Beavers (1912-1990);  Kirk Louis Linton(1914-1987); Georganna Linton (1916-1916); Theodore Francis Linton (1917-1970); Bernadette Thelma LINTON Butler (1921); Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON Bly (1922-1991)


Charles Edward Linton (1890-1958) was the son of John Edward Linton (1838-1901) and Sallie Fenmor Stonestreet (1861-1926). Charles was born on December 1, 1890, on the "Linton Family Farm, in Riverside Park," near Hunters Station and Fort Hunt, in the Mount Vernon District, Fairfax County, Virginia. Charles’ mother, had Charles christened, in December 1890, in the Saint Mary's Catholic Church, in Alexandria, Virginia.


On December 1, 1909, Charles married Annie Lucretia Cronk (1888-1956), the daughter of Charles Fenton Cronk (1852-1918) and Georganna Lucretia Coxen (1855-1897), in Alexandria, Virginia. Annie and Charles were married by Reverent Jas H. Sener, with the consent of her father, in person.

Annie Lucretia CRONK Linton died on February 10, 1956, in Circle Terrace Hospital, Alexandria, Virginia, at age 67. Annie was buried in Mount Comfort Cemetery, Fairfax County, Virginia.

Charles Edward LINTON died on April 6, 1958, at Circle Terrace Hospital, Alexandria, Virginia,at age 67. The cause of his death was from heart attacks and strokes. Charles was buried, next to Annie, in the Mount Comfort Cemetery, Fairfax County, Virginia.








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Charles Edward LINTON (1890-1958) on Find-A-Grave

Charles Edward LINTON (1890-1958) & Annie Lucretia Conk (1888-1956) (Brief Historical Sketch)

Charlie's father, John Edward LINTON (1838-1901)

Charlie's wife Anne   Annie Lucretia CRONK (1888-1956)

Char;ie's wife on Find-A-Gave Annie Lucretia CRONK Linton (1888-1956)

LINTON Family Tree 

Charles Edward Linton (1890-1958) on Find -A- Grave

Charlie's mother, Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861-1926)


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Below photo originally taken in 1929. (enhanced by Crystal Lynn Taylor 2008, the 2nd Great-Granddaughter of Charles Edward Linton)

Charles Edward LINTON (1890-1958)

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Below Photo:  Charles Edward Linton taken in 1956.