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Welcome to the Linton and Bird Blog

April 11, 2007


LINTON & BIRD Research Blog! 


1. Please use the Linton & Bird Research Blog to ask us any questions on how the Linton Research Fund Inc., can help in your genealogy research on your family.

2. Please leave messages on what you think about the Linton Research Fund., Inc., Web Site.

3. Ask questions about any certain ancestor you want to know more about.

4. Please leave a message noting any mistakes you have found in the text, misspelled words, miss used words, punctuation, anything. Please Do So, because I need all the help I can get.

5. If you want information on how to join the Linton Research Fund Inc., Please leave your E-mail address or check out How to become a Member page.

Terry Louis Linton, President, Linton Research Fund Inc., April 11, 2007

Please E-mail me at

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