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WELCOME to the LINTON Family Project Director's page.

LINTON Family Projects

 Terry Louis Linton

Project Director


What is going on! 

For all the genealogical researchers that are researching the LINTON or BIRD surnames or any of our aligned surnames, please join the Linton Research Fund Inc., and have your articles published in upcoming issues of the LINTON & BIRD CHRONICLES.

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Prject Director, Terry Louis Linton, June 1968, graduation from Fort Hunt High School, Mount Vernon District, Fairfax County, Virginia.


General Projects & Mangers

Minutes Project: Nancy Suzanne LINTON Toombs

Membership Project: Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton

Bylaws Project: Kenneth Edward Linton

Membership Card Project: Karen Ann LINTON Hinkson

DAR Membership Project: Kenneth Edward Linton

Membership CDs Project:


LINTON Book Projects


John Edward Linton (1838-1901) & Sallie Fenmor Stonestreet (1861-1926) (Father & Mother of John Edward Linton, Jr., 1889-1889 and Charles Edward Linton 1890-1958). by Terry Louis Linton © 2007

Isaiah Linton (1739-1775) Quaker Master Millwright of Bucks County Pennsylvania and Baltimore & Harford Counties Maryland (Ancestors & Descendants) by Terry Louis Linton © 2004

Charles Edward Linton 1890-1958 & Annie Lucretia Cronk 1888-1956 (Father and Mother of John Edward Charles Linton 1910-1911; Florence Avis Linton 1912-1990; Kirk Louis Linton 1914-1987; Georganna Linton 1916-1916; Theodore Francis Linton 1917-1970; Bernadette Thelma Linton; Madeline Elizabeth Linton 1922-1991). by Terry Louis Linton © 2003

Linton Family History (Descendants of Sir Arthur Linton (1614-1662)  by Terry Louis Linton, © 1989. 

The Forgotten Millwright, Isaiah Linton (1739-1775), by Terry L. Linton © 1986

For full details on these books Please View the Linton Research Fund Inc., LINTON Book Projects Page.


LINTON Family Project & Mangers

 Lee's Merchant Mill Project: Terry Louis Linton

 Isaiah's Quakers Project: Terry Louis Linton

Jericho Mill Project: Terry Louis Linton

New Hope For Maryland's Jerusalem Mill Project: Terry Louis Linton 

FARRIS Family Project: Wade Faris Linton

SHUGARS Family Project: Cynthia Gayle SHUGARS Kohl

LINTON Dragon Project: Travis Louis Linton

Parish LINTON, Scotland Project: Nancy Suzanne LINTON Toombs 

LINTON Surname project: Terry Louis Linton

LINTON Coat of Arms Project: Terry Louis Linton

Loch LINTON Project: Terry Louis Linton

Tower LINTON: Terry Louis Linton 

The Quaker LINTON's of Pennsylvania: Terry Louis Linton

The Virginia LINTON's: Terry Louis Linton

Annie Lucretia CRONK Linton (1890-1958) Project: Terry Louis Linton

John Edward LINTON (1838-1901) Project: Terry Louis Linton

Charles Edward Linton (1890-1958) Project: Terry Louis Linton

Kirk Louis Linton (1914-1987) Project: Terry Louis Linton

Master Millwright Isaiah LINTON (1738-1775) Project: Terry Louis Linton


LINTON Profile Projects 

Wade Faris Linton Poject: Terry Louis Linton

Karen Ann LINTON Hinkson Project: Karen Ann LINTON Hinkson

Nancy Suzanne LINTON Toombs Project: Nancy Suzanne LINTON

Kenneth "Ken" Edward Linton Project: 

Terry Louis Linton Project: Terry Louis Linton

Madeline "Madge" Elizabeth LINTON Bly (1922-1991) Project: Terry Louis Linton

Theodore "Ted" Frances Linton (1917-1970) Project: Andrea Ann LINTON Hollis

Florence Avis LINTON Beavers (1912-1990) Project: Terry Louis Linton  

Bernadette "Bernie" Thelma LINTON Butler Project: Terry Louis Linton




"The Linton Research Fund Inc., shall assist persons throughout the United States and elsewhere with the genealogy and ancestral history research of Kirk Louis Linton, and those other families aligned genealogically, through publications, meetings, workshops, seminars, and other educational programs."

"The Linton Research Fund Inc., shall encourage, assist, and perform in the publication of genealogical and historical works pertaining to subjects on the surname of Linton and aligned families, or related areas or places, connected with them."

"The Linton Research Fund Inc., shall encourage, assist and perform in the establishing of a Linton surname historical society, or those other family surnames which are aligned genealogically." (Bylaws)

"The Linton Research Fund Inc., is to perform, promote, and encourage the researching, collecting, preserving, documentation, and publishing the genealogy and family ancestral history of Kirk Louis Linton. It shall primarily perform genealogical research on the following ancestral lineage lines, but shall not be necessarily limited to only these ancestral lineage lines:" (By-Laws)  (LINTON Family Tree) (BIRD Family TREE)