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LINTON Family Lore

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updated November 24, 2016


Did you know that this is the 239th Anniversary of our flag! On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress, seeking to promote national pride and unity, adopted the national flag. "Resolved: that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation." Elizabeth "Betsy" GRISCOM Ross (1751-1836) was asked to stitch the first new flag for the Continental Navy. Then later she was asked to stitch the new flag for the New Republic. Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton (1922-2012) was related to Elizabeth "Betsy" GRISCOM Ross through her marriage to John Ross (1754-1776) the nephew of Mary Ross (1744-1790) and George Ross (1730-1779).  Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987) was the  6th cousin five times removed to George Washington, through the BALL family.


Below: STONESTREET coat of arms House of Names

 Edward STONESTREET (1609-?) & Mary WIMBORNE (1606-1628) the emigrants

7th great-grandparents of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)


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LINTON & BIRD Chronicles, Volume VI, Issue 3, Fall © 2011, ISSN 1941-3521

This year 2016 is the 390th Anniversary of Edward STONESTREET (1609-?) the Emigrate & Mary WIMBORNE (1606-1628) were married on November 7, 1626, in East Grinstead, County Sussex, England, 385 years ago. Edward & Mary had two children, Peter born in August 1627 and Agnes STONESTREET born in March of 1628 in Birchekn, Withyham, Sussex, England. Mary Wimborne died in childbirth with Agnes. Edward remarried on October 1, 1629 to Mary ELLIOTT (1601-?) in Birchekn. They had four more children before emigrating to America. Edward and Mary STONESTREET came to America, from England and landed on March 25, 1634, at Saint Clements Island, Maryland. Where they had four more children. Edward & Mary were the seventh great-grand parents of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)

Editors NOTE: Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954) Was not related to Edward & Mary STONESTREET, but was related to one of their grandsons, Thomas STONESTREET II (1673-1771) & Christian BARNES (1674-1737) of Birch Den Plantation, Newport Hundred, Charles County, Maryland.

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Linton Thanksgiving

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updated November 24, 2016


This year 2016 is the 397th Anniversary of the first Thanksgiving. November 4, 1619 a thanksgiving feast was first held in the Berkely Hundred, Jamestown City Shire in the Virginia Colony. The initial thanksgiving observance in Virginia in 1619 was prompted by the colonists' leaders on the new settlement of the Berkley Hundred a few miles up the James River from Jamestown.

I am proud to say and can source that three of my LINTON ancestors were there in Berkely for it. They were Mary & Moses LINTON (1562-1622) my tenth great-grandparents, their children, Anthony Linton (1614-1695) and William LINTON (1618-1680) Also Moses’ brother William LINTON (1560-1634).

 Moses LINTON (1562-1622) was the 8th great-grandfather of Annie Lucretia CRONK Linton (1888 - 1956) and the 9th great-grandfather of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)

The November 21, 1621, Plymouth Massachusetts Colony feast and thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest that year.

The Frist Thanksgiving oil painting by Jean Gerome Ferris.

Did you know: the LINTON, HIRST, HAYHURST, CROASDALE and RADCLIFFE families were all members of the Religious Society of Friends - Quakers and the families intermarried many times. Did you know that we have a copy of most of their marriage certificates and birth records. A lot of original documents were hand written by my Quaker 3rd great-grandfather, James LINTON (1769-1854) and my 4th great-grandfather, Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775) and his brother William LINTON (1742-1802) They were all the Prothonotary for their Quaker Meeting Houses.

Below: A wooden ink drawing of a 1700's Quaker or Religious Society of Friends member.

Did you know that, Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987) was the 6th cousin five times removed of President George WASHINGTON (1731-1799). George’s mother, Mary BALL (1698-1789) was the granddaughter of Elizabeth LINTON (1645-1672) and Richard BALL (1645-1677) of Hunting Creek Plantation, of olde King George, County, Virginia. Elizabeth was born, In Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland and married Richard there in 1668. Richard BALL was born at Barkham Manor, in Parish Barkham, County Berkshire, England Richard was the son of William BALL (1614-1680) and Hannah ATHEROLD (1619-1695)

Cousin President George Washington (1731-1799)

Master millwright Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775)

  (3rd great-grandfather of Kirk Louis LINTON)


Did you know: This is the 242th Anniversary of the building of Jerusalem Mill by Master millwright Isaiah Linton (1739-1775). "On August 13, 1772, Isaiah LINTON and David Lee entered into agreement said David Lee, miller, living near Joppa, shall enter into the said premises of said Lee's Merchant Mill, and set forth into the milling, grinding, and manufacturing business." David Lee, also, agreed to pay "one-half the said profits, emolument, and advantages, arising from said mill, for a term of four years, to said Isaiah Linton, millwright." On September 7, 1772, Isaiah and Sarah Linton sold to David Lee a part of Bonds Water Mills, containing a 50-acre mill seat, mill dam, and saw mill. David Lee paid only five shillings for this valuable merchant mill and seat. This sum was just enough to cover the court recording fee. Isaiah's fourth mill, known as Lee's Merchant Mill and the Jerusalem Merchant Mill, remained in continuous operation for 188 years until 1960 and is standing today, some 239 years later. The Jerusalem Merchant Mill is now under the care of The Friends of Jerusalem Mill and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


The Forgotten Millwright, Isaiah Linton (1739-1775)

Master millwright Isaiah LINTON (1739-1775)

Jerusalem Mill page  

Below: Jerusalem Mill photo by Terry Louis Linton


Lady "Godiva" oil painting by John Collier 1874

Lady "Godiva" GODGIFU (1004-1080)

(30th great-grandmother of Kirk Louis LINTON 1914-1987)

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updated November 24, 2016


Did you know : This is the 338th Anniversary of the Lady Godiva procession, a commemoration of the legendary ride that was first held on Market Day on May 31, 1678, as part of the Coventry fair. Lady Godiva (1004-1080), was the 30th great-grandmother of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987) Lady Godiva is part of our RADCLIFFE Family Tree Branch.

Did you know that this is the 1012th Anniversary of the birthday of Lady "Godiva" GODGIFU (1004-1080) the 30th great-grandmother of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987).

                                                 Lady "Godiva" GODGIFU (1004-1080)

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