Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Founder: Kirk Louis Linton

Registered Agent: Terry Louis Linton, 10614 Limburg Court, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408

Registered Office: 188-Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

E-Mail Address: mail to:


OFFICERS: Past and Present


Terry Louis Linton, Fredericksburg, Virginia, (1988-2012) 


Vice President:

 Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton, Fort Worth, Texas, (1988-2012)



 Nancy Suzanne LINTON Hall, Pine Hall, North Carolina, (2005-2012)

Kenneth Edward Linton, Bedford, Texas, (1993-2005)

Diane Marie BOURLAND Robinson Linton, Spotsylvania, Virginia, (1988-1993)



 Kenneth Edward Linton, Bedford, Texas, (1988-2012)


Director-at-Large (1):

Travis Louis Linton, Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand, (1988-2012)


Director-at-Large (2) :

 Wade Farris Linton, Stafford, Virginia, (1988-2012) 


Director-at-Large (3):

Karen Ann LINTON Hinkson, Poolesville, Maryland, (1988-2012)


Director-at-Large (4):

Bobbie Lougenia "Ginny" RAGSDALE Linton, Bedford, Texas (2010-2012) 

Joy Carlene HAMM Linton, Stafford, Virginia, (2005-2010)

Nancy Suzanne LINTON Hall, Pine Hall, North Carolina, (1988-2005)


BOARD Appointed Offices

Membership Director: Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton

Project Director: Terry Louis Linton 

LINTON & BIRD Chronicles Adviser: John Martin O'Connell, Kenneth Edward Linton, Nancy Suzanne LINTON Hall


General Projects & Mangers

Minutes Project: Nancy Suzanne LINTON Hall

Membership Project: Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton

Bylaws Project: Kenneth Edward Linton

Membership Card Project: Karen Ann LINTON Hinkson

DAR Membership Project: Kenneth Edward Linton

Membership CDs Project: Terry Louis Linton


"The Linton Research Fund Inc., is to perform, promote, and encourage the researching, collecting, preserving, documentation, and publishing the genealogy and family ancestral history of Kirk Louis Linton. It shall primarily perform genealogical research on the following ancestral lineage lines, but shall not be necessarily limited to only these ancestral lineage lines:" (By-Laws)