Rita Aline PULLIAM (1940-2014)

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Rita Aline PULLIAM Bird (1940-2014)

Above: Rita Aline PULLIAM (1940-2014)................below Rita Aline PULLIAM (1940-2014) & Franklin Delano "Buddy" BIRD (1934-2016)


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Name                                                                                          Relationship

Crystal (1982- ) Wife of Grandson

BELL, James Thomas (1840-1897) Great-Grandfather

BELL, Mary Jane (1860-1883) Grandmother

BIRD, Albert Irvin (1925-2008) Brother-in-law

BIRD, Beatrice "Betty" Jean (1942- ) Sister-in-law

BIRD, Caitlyn Shae (1992- ) Granddaughter

BIRD, Carlton Norris "Buster" (1931-2002) Brother-in-law

BIRD, Cassidy Rae (1987- ) Granddaughter

BIRD, Daniel Ray (1959- ) Son

BIRD, David Brewer (1938-1997) Brother-in-law

BIRD, David Ray (1982- ) Grandson

BIRD, Deanne "Dee" Renal (1983- ) Granddaughter

BIRD, Donald Milton (1926-1999) Brother-in-law

BIRD, Dustin Aubrey (1980- ) Grandson

BIRD, Earl Alford (1919-1991) Brother-in-law

BIRD, Evelyn Virginia "Polly" (1922-2012) Sister-in-law

BIRD, Frances Dell (1934- ) Sister-in-law

BIRD, Franklin Delano "Buddy" (1934- ) Husband

BIRD, Guy Edward (1960- ) Son

BIRD, Guy Edward "Eddie" (1918-1957) Brother-in-law

BIRD, Iva Lee (1930-1993) Sister-in-law

BIRD, J. A. "Jeff Augustus" Brother-in-law

BIRD, Jeff Augustus "Gus" (1893-1954) Father-in-law

BIRD, Jennifer Michelle (1987- ) Granddaughter

BIRD, Kristina Renae (1983- ) Granddaughter

BIRD, Margaret Ann (1963- ) Daughter

BIRD, Margaret Drusilla (1928- ) Sister-in-law

BIRD, Mary Louise (1936- ) Sister-in-law

BIRD, Myrtle Elizabeth (1921-1996) Sister-in-law

BIRD, Patricia "Pat" Marjorie (1941- ) Sister-in-law

BIRD, Penny Renea (1965- ) Daughter

BIRD, Tamara Fae (1988- ) Granddaughter

BIRD, Timothy James (1985- ) Grandson

BIRD, Timothy Preston (1962- ) Son

BOSILLO, Holly Beth (About 1960- ) Daughter-in-law

BRONSTAD, Gilbert Walton (1940- ) Husband of sister-in-law

BROWN, Emmie Marie "Tommy" (1916-2011) Wife of Brother-in-law

BRYANT, Richard Frank (1928-1999) Husband of sister-in-law

CHAPPELL, Clude Lee (About 1963- ) Son-in-law

CHAPPELL, Gladella Faye (1982- ) Granddaughter

CHAPPELL, Misty Ann (1983- ) Granddaughter

CLEARY, James Father of Son-in-law

CLEARY, Karen Lynn (1989- ) Granddaughter

CLEARY, Richard L. (1957- ) Son-in-law

DOUGALL, Robert Earl (1920-1976) Husband of sister-in-law

FLANAGIN, Hattie Mae (1884-1929) Stepmother

FRANK, Catherine Lynne (1961- ) Daughter-in-law

GAYLER, Bettye June (1935- ) Wife of Brother-in-law

GILL, Jimmie Eugene (1934- ) Husband of sister-in-law

GRAY-SADLER, Clara Myrtle (1900-1988) Mother-in-law

HIRSCH, Joyce (About 1938- ) Mother of Daughter-in-law

HISE, Mariah Eysha (About 1824- ) Great-Grandmother

HOLZAPFEL, William Jack (1909-1983) Husband of sister-in-law

JENSEN, John Harold (1939- ) Husband of sister-in-law

JESSUP, Nancy Louise (1932- ) Wife of Brother-in-law

KOHLER, Katherine Marie (1959-2001) Daughter-in-law

KOHLER, Ray (About 1938- ) Father of Daughter-in-law

LAFOREST, Marjorie Blanchard (1927-2010) Wife of Brother-in-law

LEE, Debra J. (1957- ) Daughter-in-law

LEE, George Hamer (About 1936- ) Father of Daughter-in-law

LINDSAY, Wayne (About 1964- ) Son-in-law

LINTON, Kirk Louis (1914-1987) Husband of sister-in-law

MARTIN, Vera Lee (1931- ) Wife of Brother-in-law

McNALLY, Katherine Pearl (1937-2011) Mother of Son-in-law

MOTLEY, Leslie Michelle (1986- ) Granddaughter

MOTLEY, Richard Lee (About 1963- ) Son-in-law

NORWOOD, Otha Larry "Sammie" (1911-1992) Husband of sister-in-law

PULLIAM, Bias Henry (1858-1958) Grandfather

PULLIAM, Gladella sister

PULLIAM, Maria Pruad (1879-1979) Aunt

PULLIAM, Minnie (1881-1950) Aunt

PULLIAM, Nicholas James (1882-1968) Father

PULLIAM, Nicolas James (1824- ) Great-Grandfather

PULLIAM, Rita Aline (1940-2014) Self

PULLIAM, Roxannah (1880-1950) Aunt

PULLIAM, William "Bill" brother

RUSSELL, Ella Fay (1912-1995) Mother

SHIVERS, Jeroll Dean (1929-2008) Husband of sister-in-law

SHOTT, Joshua Franklin (1986- ) Grandson

SHOTT, Nickolas (1991- ) Grandson

SHOTT, Ross Gregory (1965- ) Son-in-law

SHOTT, William Mcgregor (About 1944- ) Father of Son-in-law

SMITH, Cletha Faye (1934-2010) Wife of Brother-in-law

VASBINDER, Joanne Ray (About 1944- ) Mother of Son-in-law

WILLIS, Barbara (About 1936- ) Mother of Daughter-in-law

WOODS, Glenda Beatrice (1943- ) Wife of Brother-in-law

YOUNG, Roxanne A. (1834-1917) Great-Grandmother


Rita Aline PULLIAM Bird (1940-2014) Obituary


by Bekah Johnson


Rita Aline PULLIAM Bird

Rita, 73, passed away January 30, 2014 at her home, in Haltom City, Tarrant County, Texas.

Grave side service: 2:00pm Monday, February 3, 2014 at Bourland Cemetery.

Rita was born July 2, 1940, to Nicholas James and Ella Fay Russell Pulliam in Keller, Texas.

Rita enjoyed her family and being around them as much as she could. She had many hobbies, but she loved to read, play computer games, card games and surf the internet and travel most of all. Even if traveling was just getting into the truck with daddy and going for a drives. You never knew where they would end up.

Survived by her husband of 57 years, Franklin "Buddy" Bird; brothers James and Henry Pulliam; sons, Danny Bird and his wife, Rebekah, Guy "Eddy" Bird and his wife, Debbie, and Tim Bird and his wife, Cathy; daughters, Margaret Motley and her husband, Rick, and Penny Lindsay; grandchildren: David, Kristina, Tyler , Tim, Jamie, Jennifer, Chris, Dustin, Deanna, Spencer, Gladella, Misty, Andy, Leslie, Karin, Jon, Cassidy, Scott, Tamara, Edwin, Caitlyn, Cameron, Joshua, Ashley, Nickolas; great- grandchildren: Trevor, Chyanne, Joel, Blaze, Zane, Chloe, Nathan, Payton, Sophia, Amelia, Elloise, Daniel, Luis, Corey, Jackson, Brandon, Michael, Madelyn; and numerous nieces and nephews, friends.

Loved ones who have gone before, her father, NJ Pulliam, mother Ella Fay Pulliam, Brother "Bill" Pulliam, sister Gladella Ward.