PETTY Family Tree

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Welcome to the PETTY Branch of the LINTON Family Tree

Lovell Bradley "Brad" PETTY (1921–1983)


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Lovell Bradley "Brad" PETTY (1921–1983)



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Thomas PETTY-PETTUS-PETYOUS (1470-1561) Gentleman is the progenitor of the PETTY Branch of the LINTON Family Tree. Thomas was the 12th great-grandfather of Lovell Bradley "Brad" PETTY (1921-1983) and the 13th great-grandfather of Christine "Chris" Betty PETTY. Thomas was born in 1470 in Norwich, Norfolk, England and in 1561 in London, England. 

Lovell Bradley "Brad" PETTY (1921–1983) was the son of William Nathan PETTY (1896–1942) & Margaret May KINGERY (1900–1970). Brad was born on January 25, 1921, in  Effingham Ward 4, Effingham County, Illinois and died on July 20, 1983, in Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Alameda County, California.

Brad was a World War II Navy Veteran, enlisting in the Navy before the war broke out on June 11, 1940 and was release January 15, 1948. Brad was also a Karen War Veteran Navy Warrant Officer, flying helicopters during and after the war. Brad became a high school history teacher and a horse furrier. Brad made a one man journey from Watsonville, California to Juno Alaska and back on horse back.

Brad married Betty Jean FARIS (1921–2011) the daughter of Earl FARIS (1884–1964) & Elsie Wavelet QUERRY (1889–1959).  Betty was born on January 7, 1921, in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana and died on February 25, 2011, in Capitola, Santa Cruz, Alameda County, California.



THOMAS PETTY (1608–1663) emigrant & Katherine MORRIS (1625–1720)

9th great-grandparents of Travis Louis LINTONWade Farris LINTON

Thomas PETTY was born in 1608 in Norwich, Norfolk, England and died on September 20, 1663, in Farnham Parish, Rappahannock County, Virginia.

Katherine MORRIS was born in 1625, in New Kent County, Virginia and died in 1720, in  Rappahannock, Essex County, Virginia


Direct ancestral linage:

Thomas PETTY-PETTUS-PETYOUS (1470-1561) Gentleman

John PETTY (1496-1558) Sir knight & Jone DETHICK (1497–1525) Widow of Simon

Thomas PETTY (1519-1597) Sir knight & Christian DETHICK (1527–1578)

Thomas PETTY (1558-1608) & Elizabeth ROLFE (1560–?)

William PETTY (1583-1648) Sir Knight & Mary GLEANE (1585–1631)

THOMAS PETTY (1608-1663) emigrant, Colonel & Rebecca Katherine MORRIS (1608–1684) emigrant

Thomas PETTY (1645-1701) & Rachel WILSON (1655–1683)

Thomas PETTY (1680-1750) & Catherine GARTON (1677–1748)

William PETTY Sr., (1708-1770) & Elizabeth MERRIMAN (1710–1790)

William PETTY Jr., (1736-1822) & Mildred PHELPS (1738–1826)

Isaac PETTY (1768-1859) & Mary SMITH (1768–1848)

Nathaniel PETTY (1830-1906) & Ann Mariah WOOD (1831–1918)

Joseph Bradley PETTY (1855-1931) & Priscilla MARRS (1856–1925)

William Nathan PETTY (1896-1942) & Margaret May KINGERY (1900–1970)

Lovell Bradley "Brad" PETTY (1921–1983) &  Betty Jean FARIS (1921–2011)

Christine "Chris" Betty PETTY & Terry Louis LINTON

14th great-grandfather of grandfather of Travis Louis LINTON & Wade Farris LINTON


Petty coat of arms copyright House of Names