J. A. "Jeff Augustus" "Snookum" "Jimmie" BIRD

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 J. A. "Jeff Augustus" "Snookum" "Jimmie" BIRD (1923-2015) Project



Above: Boatmen mate J. A. "Jeff Augustus" "Snookum" "Jimmie" BIRD (1923-2015) in 1942........................................Below: J. A. "Jeff Augustus" BIRD (1923-2015) & Marjorie Blanchard LAFOREST (1927-2010) in 1944

J. A. "Jeff Augustus" BIRD (1923-2015) & Marjorie Blanchard LAFOREST (1927-2010)


Terry Louis Linton © 1987


The Direct Ancestral Lineage of Evelyn Virginia Bird Linton, The Daughter of Jeff August Bird (1893-1954) And Clara Myrtle Grey (1900-1988) (Terry L. Linton © 1987, Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 1987, printed in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA.) (First Revision, January, ©1989)


Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 1987


LINTON & BIRD Chronicles Volume II, Issue 1, Spring © 2007, ISSN 1941-3521




 J. A. BIRD (1923-2015) was the son of Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954) & Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER (1900-1988). J. A. was born on December 2, 1923, in Riverside District of Fort Worth, Texas. J.A. was born in a wood framed house at the corner of "Jeff" and "Grace" Streets that his grandfather, Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861–1931). 4 His father, actually named him J. A. at birth and his birth certificate states “baby boy”. His family nickname was "Snookum."


In 1924 the family moved to Dallas, were his father had found work. In 1930, the family moved to Austin, Travis County, Texas. when his father, a plumber by trade found work there. By April 1, 1940, the family was living back up in Birdville, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  


In the 1940 census as a plumber, like his father. He was working for his father at Bird Plumbing and Heating.


In 1942  He join the U.S. Navy as a gunners mate. When the Navy Seabees were formed he tranfered  to them.


On June 27, 1944 J.A.  married Marjorie Blanchard LAFOREST the  daughter of Joseph Aureal LAFOREST & Sarah Myrtle BLANCHARD, in Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, California. Marjorie was born on June 12, 1927 in Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, California.


Marjorie  died in 2010 in Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, California,  at age 83.


J. A. "Jeff Augustus" died in 2015 in Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, California, at age 92.



J.A. & Marjorie had one child:


  1. Jaime Rolland BIRD was born on July 1, 1949 in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California. Jaime married Ruth Kathryn RUSSELL on July 17, 1971 in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County, California

J.A. "Jimmie" & Marjorie circa 1945 in Hawthorne, Los Angeles County, California.

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