EDELEN Family Tree

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EDELEN Branch of the LINTON Family Tree


Ancestors of Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861-1926)


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Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication 1987-2019 "Digging for our Roots"

Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834)

great-grandmother of Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958)

2nd great-grandmother of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)


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Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834) was the great-grandmother of Charles “Charlie” Edward LINTON (1890-1958) and the 2nd great-grandmother of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987). Rosey’ was the 11th great granddaughter of William EDELEN (1365-1426) of Arsenal, London, England. Rosey’ 2nd great-grandfather, Richard EDELEN (1639-1694) emigrated from London, Middlesex, England to Saint Mary’s, Saint Mary's County, Maryland in February, 1664.


Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834) was the daughter of Edward EDELEN Jr., (1752–1834) & Eleanor BOARMAN (1755–1834).  Rosey was born in 1786 in Newport Hundred, Charles County, Maryland and died in 1834 in Allens Freshs, Charles County, Maryland.


Rosey married Doctor Joseph Noble STONESTREET (1782–1838) in 1806 in Charles County, Maryland.  Joseph was the son of Adjutant General Henry STONESTREET (1752–1812) & Mary Noble EDELEN (1753–1818).


Rosey & Joseph had eight known children: James Noble STONESTREET (1810–1890); Mary Eleanor "Ellen" STONESTREET (1814–1882); Sister Mary Philomena STONESTREET (1818–1867); Nicholas Edward STONESTREET (1818–1890); Catherine STONESTREET (1820–1848); Reverent Charles Henry STONESTREET (1821–?); Doctor Edward Noble STONESTREET (1822–1890); Joseph Nicholas STONESTREET (1827–?).




Direct Ancestral Line:

 William EDELEN (1365-1426)

John EDELEN (1399-1457) (son)

Grandfather of Jacquet EDELEN (1418-1478)

great-grandfather of Richard EDELEN (1455-1517)

2nd great-grandfather of Thomas EDELEN (1480-1540) Fitz Richard

3rd great-grandfather of Roger William EDELEN (1500-1559)

4th great-grandfather of Sir Knight Richard EDELEN (1534-1618)

5th great-grandfather of Phillip EDELEN (1573 - 1616)

6th great-grandfather of Reverent Phillip EDELEN (1592-1657)

7th great-grandfather of Richard EDELEN (1639-1694) emigrant

8th great-grandfather of Christopher EDELEN Sr., (1682 - 1771)

9th great-grandfather of Jane EDELEN (1718-1770)

10th great-grandfather of Edward EDELEN Jr., (1752–1834)

11th great-grandfather of Rosalie "Rosey" Ann EDELEN (1786–1834)

12th great-grandfather of Doctor Edward Noble STONESTREET (1822-1890)

13th great-grandfather of Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861-1926)

14th great-grandfather of Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958)

15th great-grandfather of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)

16th great-grandfather of Kenneth Edward LINTON & Terry Louis LINTON

English Edelen coat of arms copyright House Of Names.

According to the House Of Names:  This German surname of EDELEN was originally derived from the Old German word EDEL meaning nobel. In the Middle Ages this was a term applied to the lowest order of free citizen, ranking below the nobility and knightly class, but above the masses of the servile population.