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Welcome to the LINTON Chronicles

TRUAX-TRIEUX Branch of the LINTON Family Tree


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Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication 1987-2023 "Digging for our Roots"

François du TRUAX-TRIEUX (1480–1545) & Clotide Petronille Sabine COILLY (1485–?)

12th great-grandparents of Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987)


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Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 2022


François du TRUAX-TRIEUX (1480–1545) was born in 1480 on the River Trieux in Côtes-d'Armor, Brittany, France which is bounded by Ille-et-Vilaine to the east, Morbihan to the south and Finistère to the west and by the English Channel to the north. François died in 1545 in Basque, Brittany, France.


François married Clotide Petronille Sabine COILLY (1485–?) in circa 1504 in Roubaix, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Clotide was born in  Roubaix, now located in the Lille metropolitan area on the Belgian border.


François & Clotide had one known child, Jean du TRIEUX (1505–1601). Jean was born in 1505 in Roubaix, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France and died in 1601 in Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Nederland. Leiden, western Netherlands lies at the confluence of the Oude Rijn and Nieuwe Rijn (Old Rhine and New Rhine) rivers, 10 miles (16 km) northeast of The Hague and 5 miles (8 km) inland from the North Sea.


Direct ancestral linage:

François du TRUAX-TRIEUX (1480–1545) & Clotide Petronille Sabine COILLY (1485–?)

Jean du TRUAX-TRIEUX (1505-1601) & Jaquemine du NOIREZ (1510–1560)

Phillipe du TRUAX (1530-1587) Sir Knight & Barbe du CHESNE (1535–1593)

Phillipe Anton du TRUAX (1554-1601) & Jacquemyne Jacquelyn NOIRETT (1543–1588)

Philippe Antoni du TRUAX (1586-1653) & Marie Susanna du CHESNE (1601–1654) emigrants

Jacob TRUAX (1645-1709) & "Lysbeth" Elizabeth POST (1655–1733)

Elizabeth TRUAX (1675-1714) & James B. STOUT (1648–1714)

Elizabeth Ann STOUT (1691-1760) & John WARFORD (1683–1769)

Rachel WARFORD (1723-1777) & Isaiah QUINBY (1716–1807)

Anne QUINBY (1749-1831) & Jeremiah CROASDALE (1751–1829)

Ann CROASDALE (1776-1852) James LINTON (1769–1854)

Doctor Lewis Colbert LINTON (1803-1876) Sarah KOCHER (1810–1870)

John Edward LINTON (1838-1901) Sallie Fenmor STONESTREET (1861–1926)

Charles "Charlie" Edward LINTON (1890-1958) & Annie Lucretia CRONK (1888–1956)

Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987) & Evelyn Virginia BIRD (1922-2012)

13th great-grandparents of Kenneth “Ken” Edward LINTONTerry Louis LINTON

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 2022





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