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From the BIRD Chronicles Editor

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Updated January 4, 2023


Greetings, looking forward to the new year of 2023,  "Thanks for Visiting, come back when you can stay longer" Terry Louis Linton © 2007  wink


Our LINTON & BIRD family tree on now has 41,888 relatives and 5,666 photos on it and growing every day. surprised


According to MY STATISTICS the LINTON & BIRD Chronicles website had 1,366 unique visitors in the month of December 2022, that have spent time on our sites LINTON Chronicles and the BIRD Chronicles.  (If a visitor visits more than one time in 24 hours they are only counted once). The site has been up for 818 weeks.  "Thanks for visiting and come back when you can stay longer" Terry Louis Linton, President Linton Research Fund Inc.



Ground Breaking News!  Our BIRD Family Tree has made a DRAMATIC CHANGE With the newly discovered and documented 7th great-grandparents of Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931).  


Thomas BIRD Sr., (1600–1662) & Mary BELDEN (1600–1664) the just discovered “Irish emigrants”   THIS IS A TOTALLY NEW TREE TOP discard your copy of the family old tree.  All excising ancestors are still in our tree, just related differently now. 


Now with more translated Dutch records becoming available and a new Irish Research Center opening in Dublin last year.  Also with my own DNA testing and matches our BIRD family tree can be documented back to John BIRD (1545–1615) in Dublin, Ireland.


Look for upcoming articles about them in the BIRD Chronicles and follow the LINTON & BIRD Chronicles on Facebook




I have under taken the lengthy task of updating the January LINTON & BIRD Chronicles this day in history Birthdays & Anniversaries pages. This has not been updated since 2009. Over 200 new ancestors and relatives with 28 photos will be added.

This has always been a work-in-progress and I am trying to do a brief sketch on each person and how they are related to Kirk Louis LINTON (1914-1987) or Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954) 

There is no easy way to do this except by researching each person and writing it by hand the computer software will not just spit-it-out for you.

 So if you see a month that needs work, e-mail me at  or  or You can leave it on our  LINTON & BIRD Blog. or LINTON & BIRD Chronicles on Facebook 




Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988) in 1917...My “Grandma Bird”

Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988)

My “Grandma Bird”


Terry Louis Linton  © 2017

Linton Research Fund Inc., Publication © 2017

LINTON & BIRD Chronicles Volume XII, Issue 4, Winter © 2017-18, ISSN 1941-3521



My “Grandma Bird” Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird (1900-1988) was the First paying Dues Member of Linton Research Fund Inc., in 1987.  Starting back in 1968, she always loved listening and taking part in my conversions about my ancestors with my Mom & Dad and Her.

In 1975, I visited her down in Haltom City, Fort Worth and handed her my first published book Linton Family History. She held it for a while without opening it up, walked into her bedroom went to her old Hope Chest took out a old document and handed to me and said “this is all I have, see what you can do with it.”  It was her adopted parents marriage certificate from Annanias Norris SADLER & Margaret Eddie CURLING (1862–1925) dated January 7, 1883. She knew they were related to her and wanted to know more.

Over the years I have taken her adopted parents (her actual father & mother in laws) back to   Annanias SADLER (1795–1853) from Hyde County, North Carolina. Also, back to Edmond CURLING (1840–?) from Great Bridge, Princess Ann County, Virginia.

Grandma Bird’s parents were George Charles Godwin GRAY (1874–?) and Lula Virginia "Jennie" WILLIAMS (1874–?). Her WILLIAMS line has been documented to Ralphe WILLIAMS (1584–1695) of Camborne, Cornwall, England.  Her CAPPS line goes back to “Finn” King of the Frisians born in 130 in Frisian, Netherlands and his wife “Hildeburh”  born circa 130 her 50th great-grandparents.

 I can now tell Clara Myrtle GRAY-SADLER Bird my “Grandma Bird” her direct  ancestral line  includes the Founder of Danville, Virginia; a governor of the Bahamas; some of the original Jamestown setters; numerous Sir Knights; a very famous English woman Pirate;  numerous Vikings; hundreds of Kings & Queens not in one county but five different ones. Grandma Bird’s can be traced back 1,177 years from when she was born in 1900.





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For all the genealogical researchers that are researching the LINTON or BIRD surnames or any of our aligned surnames, please join the Linton Research Fund Inc., and have your articles published in upcoming issues of the LINTON & BIRD Chronicles.


Remenber your paid Membership Dues includes a written historical and genealogical research on any LINTON or BIRD ancestor and their aligned branches.


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 "Thanks for Visiting, come back when you can stay longer" Terry Louis Linton © 2007 


Rest-In-Peace Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton born May 17, 1922 died November 14, 2012: Vice President and Membership Director of the Linton Research Fund Inc., LINTON & BIRD Chronicles from 1987-2012; One of the last photos of her when she was in good health, Kenneth Edward LINTON, Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton and Terry Louis LINTON on July 4, 2012, in front of Ken’s home in Bedford Texas. Photo by Ginny Linton.

Below: Terry Louis Linton, Evelyn Virginia BIRD Linton and Ken Kenneth Edward Linton Christmas December 2011 at George Washington's Mount Vernon, Mom's favorite place to visit.

US Navy Seabee, Heavy Equipment Operator Second Class, Terry Louis Linton with Seabee Team Rota, Spain, in 1970


"Junkology" and "Name-gatherers", A genealogy researcher, who is not searching for original genealogical documents and sources and most of their family tree comes from online member trees. "We must educate our new generations, that genealogy research is not a quick and easy task, real work and time are required. No instant gratification can be acquired. When you see and old history book, atlas, or old self published family history book in the flee market or on line, acquire it. Remember that next year or the next publishing the Alamo will not be in the new Texas history books, because it is becoming political incorrect. That is why my presences in research encyclopedias and research books is an ole one not an online one." Terry Louis Linton 2007.


"The practice of genealogy was first developed centuries ago to produce a single critical end-product an iron clad Pedigree, that could prove or disprove the rights of claimants to estates, titles and kingdoms." Terry L. Linton © 1977


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