Rachel BIRD (1749-1786) & James WILSON, Sr., (1742-1798)

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Rachel BIRD (1749-1786) & James WILSON, Sr., (1742-1798)



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Rachel BIRD (1749-1786) & James WILSON, Sr., (1742-1798)


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Rachel BIRD (1749-1786) & James WILSON, Sr., (1742-1798) were married on November 5, 1771, in the Saint Gabriel's Episcopal Church Amity Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Their wedding reception was held at Rachel’s father's Bird Mansion in Birdsboro.


Rachel was the daughter of Ironmaster William BIRD (1706-1761) of Irish decent and the founder of Birdsboro & Brigitte HULING (1710-1792) born in New Castle Dutch Colony, in New Castle County, Delaware.  Rachel was born on born on January 22, 1750 in Birdsboro, Union Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died on April 14, 1786 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

James was the son of William WILSON Sr., (1793-1758) & Alison LANSDALE (1716-1788). James was born in Caskardy, County Shire of Fife, Scotland. James signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


James & Rachel had six known children: Mary "Polly" WILSON (1772–1832); William "Billy" WILSON (1775–1817) Bird WILSON (1777–1859); James Bird WILSON (1779–1808); Emily Bird WILSON (1782–1809); Charles Bird WILSON (1785–1810).


Rachel & James were great-grand aunt and uncle of Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1961-1931) and the second great-grand aunt and uncle of Jeff Augustus "Gus" BIRD (1893-1954)