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Updated October 28, 2009


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Above photo taken in 1870: On January 22, 1870, at age 29, John Edward Linton married, 38 year old Mary Ann H. Smiley. They were married in Tennellytown, Washington, District of Columbia. Mary H. Smiley was 9 years older then John and was born in 1832, in England. Original photo in the Emma Caroline "Carrie" MENDLERí s (1855-1944) old wooden bound photo album, now in the possession of Terry Louis Linton,the great-grandson of John Edward Linton.

John Edward Linton's (1838-1901) 1877 farm house, hand painted china tile, by Evelyn Virginia Bird Linton, © 1991.

Above photo taken in 1891: Fifty year old , John Edward Linton (1838-1901), on January 7, 1889, married twenty-seven year old Sallie Fenmore STONESTREET (1861-1926) of Allens Freshs, Charles County, Maryland. They meet at the Charles County Fair. They were married by K. O'Kane, in Alexandria, Virginia. Charles Edward Linton (1890-1958) was born on December 1, 1890. Original photo now in the possession of Sally Anne BEAVERS DeShong, the great-granddaughter of John Edward Linton.