Isaiah LINTON (1738-1775) Gallery

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LINTON & BIRD CHRONICLES, Volume IV, Issue 3, Fall 2009, ISSN 1941-3521

 Welcome to the Isaiah Linton (1739-1775) Gallery!


Isaiah's Gallery is being updated constantly and is a work in progress!

Do You Have any you want to add?

Updated, June 12, 2009 

All images and text Copyright Linton Research Fund, Inc., © 1987-2009

Isaiah Linton's (1738-1775) Gallery is a work in process. We will be adding to it from time to time from the thousands of photos we have of Isaiah’s mills, dwelling and advents over the last forty-one years.


Above photo: the east side of Jerusalem Mill built in 1772, by master millwright, Isaiah Linton (1739-1775).