Guy Edward "Eddie" BIRD (1918-1957)

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BIRD Chronicles

Welcome to the

Guy Edward "Eddie" BIRD (1918-1957) & 

Emmie "Tommye" Marie BROWN (1916-2011)

Photo Gallery


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Guy Edward "Eddie" BIRD (1918-1957) in 1942

Guy Edward "Eddie" BIRD (1918-1957) in 1919 in the back yard where he and his parents lived with his grandparents, Thomas Jefferson BIRD (1861-1931) & Drusilla GAY (1868-1948). They lived on a strip of farm land at the edge of Fort Worth where they had opened a general store and had gas pumps.

Guy Edward “Eddie” BIRD (1918-1957) & Emmie "Tommye" Marie BROWN (1916-2011) during the war on the steps of his grandmother Drusilla GAY Bird (1868-1948)’s home on Bluff Street in Fort Worth.

Emmie "Tommye" Marie BROWN (1916-2011) early photo as a teenager.

Eddie & Tommye in 1952, in the back yard of his sister Margaret in Fort Worth.

Tommye on a horse in Bedford, Texas.